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A bit of personal history about me.  All journeys start somewhere.  The seed to my interior design firm was planted when I was nine years old (more about my farm girl roots later)…as I designed and made my first jacket.  A beautiful heather wool jacket with flecks of oatmeal and gray. Everything about the process was fascinating to me.  Hunting for the finest fabric with a great hand, studying dressmaker details, styling the jacket with the right skirt, shoes, blouse, and jewelry.  When I foud the perfect color of Christian Dior silk lining for the jacket, I felt I had reached the level of haute couture!

I always felt pretty when I wore this jacket knowing it was created by me, a totally unique piece. The jacket said who I was and who I wanted to be...creative, stylish, unique, thoughtful.  I loved the way it felt with soft fabric having a nice hand, flattering lines, quality construction, and lovely details.  It was finished with great attention to detail on the inside and out.  I had created a simple but classy, fabulous garment and as the great Coco Chanel says “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

I still love this jacket today as it has stood the test of time…a timeless and classic piece.  It is a bit too short for me now, but if I wear it with a great shirt and a pair of jeans, it styles as a cute bolero jacket.  Oscar de la Renta does a beautiful sequined bolero jacket so I think I was on to something!

For me, the worlds of fashion and interiors have always collided into an explosion of inspiration!  I find inspiration for interiors in fashion everyday, everywhere.  As Coco says “fashion is not something that exists in dresses only” and for me it extends to my mission to create a well-dressed home for my clients.   “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway” –Coco Chanel. You can see fashion influence my interior design work on many levels...such as when as an object d’art becomes a piece of jewelry in a room, finishing the look with great ease and style…to create a well-dressed home.  I think Coco would approve!